Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy valentine's day!

I celebrated the day by going on a very long hike with a few friends. It was a 24k trail that I've done before (Maclehose stages 4 and 5 in reverse -- Beacon Hill to Ma On Shan), but it seemed longer thanks to some very strange weather. Mist and fog covered the mountains for most of the day, giving us very low visibility (sometimes down to 20 ft!). Thankfully, the Maclehose is very well marked, otherwise I think we might have gotten lost. But the fog did obscure the normal landmarks, which made it hard to gauge how far we'd gone... which gave it that general is-this-ever-going-to-be-over sort of feeling. Anyway, it was still a good hike and a fun day. I needed to do a longer hike to help me prepare for the Green Power 50k, which I'll be doing again this year. It's coming up in just 2 weeks -- February 28th.

Another V-day highlight involved some very romantic text messages that I received... from my cell phone company! I should explain. Sometimes my service provider will send out cute little animated SMSes on various holidays, with the thought that I'll want to forward them to all my friends... which I never do. Anyway, for Valentine's day, not only did I receive one of those, I also got a couple text message poems that are very... umm... interesting. Take a look for yourself:

I lie awake in the dark... feeling your nearness,
your soft lips and the warmth of your touch.
I wish you're here with me.
Happy Valentine's Day.

You are hard to forget coz you were hard to get.
I never regret that I made your heart my target.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Grammatical errors aside, I can't imagine sending these to anyone. And frankly, the thought of a person forwarding a poem from their phone company to their significant other on Valentine's Day makes me want to cry. But the poems did provide a good chuckle after a long, tiring walk. Thank you Smartone-Vodafone!