Saturday, March 31, 2007

templeton the kittenherd

My mom found two little kittens near our house, and brought them home a couple days ago with the intention of finding homes for them (or letting the SPCA do so). She put them in a cage [which we use expressly for such kittenish purposes] in the living room, and Templeton immediately took an exceptional interest in them. This morning I found him playing with them by sticking his paws through the bars of the cage. And then later we let them out to see if they wanted to play with him. The three of them did play together a little bit, but the kittens mainly just spent their time exploring, and Templeton would follow them around, almost herding them to and from different places in the house. And whenever the two kittens split up and went different directions, he would get this concerned look on his face, looking back and forth at each of them, until deciding which one needed more looking after. What a funny cat!

Looking after the kittens. Doesn't his face look concerned?

Watching them as they play.

An invitation to play.
Unfortunately for Templeton, we just took the kittens to the SPCA, so he has no more little play mates. I can't help but sense some disappointment on his furry little face...


I've meant to take a pictures of these flowers every spring for the past couple years. But usually, by the time I get my camera ready, they're already gone.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

night out with custard and slimey

Had the rare opportunity of meeting up with Curtis and Simon (visiting from the US and Australia respectively) on Thursday night. A bunch of us got together in Soho, and I felt obliged to document the evening in photos. Here they are:

Mike and Curtis outside the yummy Lebanese place (name eludes me now).
Another *completely candid* shot.

Mike and Helen at Wildfire, the cozy restaurant where we went for dessert.
Curtis, Jen and Simon. We had fun reminiscing about our days at ICS.

Helen, Sal and I.

My yummy dessert -- chocolate torte. Couldn't resist taking a picture of it -- so pretty!
After saying goodbye, Sal and I got on the MTR where we had an interesting first. Well, it was a first for me at least. I don't know -- Sal, have you come across many Elvis impersonators on HK public transport?