Saturday, January 02, 2010


If you are reading this, the following statements are [almost definitely] true:

- you have made it to 2010! Hooray and congratulations!
- you are among the small, elite group of priviledged people who read this blog.
- you have noticed a sharp decline in the number of posts over the past few months.

What you might not know is:

- I am still alive and well.
- my good friend Salome and I are caring for a newly-hatched owlet who has required a lot of our time and attention. This owlet, called Owlily, has a website of her own, which you might want to check out. She's even started a blog, and for each day in January, she will introduce you to a new hand-made owl friend.

Thanks for reading! I plan to continue using this blog, but can't make any promises about the frequency and quality of future posts...