Sunday, March 04, 2007

night out with custard and slimey

Had the rare opportunity of meeting up with Curtis and Simon (visiting from the US and Australia respectively) on Thursday night. A bunch of us got together in Soho, and I felt obliged to document the evening in photos. Here they are:

Mike and Curtis outside the yummy Lebanese place (name eludes me now).
Another *completely candid* shot.

Mike and Helen at Wildfire, the cozy restaurant where we went for dessert.
Curtis, Jen and Simon. We had fun reminiscing about our days at ICS.

Helen, Sal and I.

My yummy dessert -- chocolate torte. Couldn't resist taking a picture of it -- so pretty!
After saying goodbye, Sal and I got on the MTR where we had an interesting first. Well, it was a first for me at least. I don't know -- Sal, have you come across many Elvis impersonators on HK public transport?


sal said...

nope, no elvis on mtrs for me either!!!

Ji said...

So...wanna do that Trans-Siberia sometime?

When's your next trip to the States?