Sunday, October 01, 2006


According to the Tozers, there's a new restaurant here in HK called "Robot Kitchen," which is "staffed by a trio of robots." It sounds interesting and I will probably try to go there soon, but then it begs the question: isn't this new dining concept bringing us dangerously close to a world dominated, nay I say, ruled by robots?

Here's a video (to embed or not to embed?) of a duo called Flight of the Conchords singng a song that echoes some of the fears expressed above. It's called "The Humans are Dead" and was apparently written for the "post-apocolyptic robo" market. Thanks again must go to the Tozers for introducing me to FotC.

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Mike & Helen said...

guess what? Helen took me out to the robot kitchen on Monday night for a surprise! Well, I found out as we left, cos I had to get us there :) Will blog about it soon, but the short summary is... it's awesome!