Sunday, November 30, 2008

handmade christmas: lino prints

A few crafty updates:

I bought a sewing machine about a month ago. A nice one. I got a good deal on it, but it was still quite pricey. I will post some photos of the beautiful machine along with some of the things I've made with it soon. But for now, I mention the machine just to say that the purchase pushed me a little further in the handmade Christmas direction. I attempted a handmade Christmas last year, and didn't get too far. This year, because of forethought and new sewing capabilities, I think I might be able to do it. And I'm excited! I've tried making a lot of new things, and am having a blast!
I took a break from sewing this past week and devoted a lot of time to making linoleum cuts. Not everything worked out perfectly, but here are some prints that I was pretty happy with.

Christmas cards...

... and a set of book plates.

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Anonymous said...

The book plates are so cool, Michelle. I recently went to an art show where this guy was selling some just like yours...but of course lacking the whimsical, cool factor that yours has!