Saturday, August 05, 2006

more fun in shenzhen

Salome, her parents, and I went to Shenzhen again to check on the dresses. They were much better (less mushroom-poof), but it seems that the tailor has decided that the fabric is all wrong, and wants to completely remake them.

Anyway, here are some interesting Shenzhen sights:

Mustache shopping.

The "carefully made in usa" tag in a Shenzhen LeSportsac. Hmm...

A free "bilingual" magazine that Sal's parents picked up in the Shenzhen mall. We took a look on the train ride down from Lowu, and found some very informative stuff.

A very interesting article about manicures. The type is pretty small, so I'll try to transcribe it one of these days... it's definitely worth a read!

And an ad for some clock purses (?) with my favorite Beijing 2008 Olympic mascots!

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