Wednesday, October 03, 2007

spotlight 20% off sale

My favorite (read: only) craft store in HK had a store-wide 20% off sale today. I envisioned a store packed with craft-obsessed people, and myself pushing through the masses, grabbing anything and everything remaining in the aisles... But that image proved far from reality. Not only was the store mildly empty (which made me worry that they might go out of business...), I exercised a surprising degree of self-control.

Here are my few purchases:

Some rubber stamps -- I think I'll use them on student work at school, instead of the old, faithful star stickers that I'm using now -- more cost and environmentally effective. (I was originally going for a "stuff on my cat" kind of shot here, but Templeton turned out to be awake and quite interested, so that didn't work out.)
Kaiser, did you notice the Kaiser brand stamps and stamp pads? Hehe...

And some fun cotton fabric. I'd like to try my hand at making some clothing, and thought this would be a nice print for a simple beginner's shirt (read: no sleeves, buttons or zippers...).

And in other news, Sal left Spotlight with a lovely new sewing machine! I can't wait for the sewing parties that are to come!! :)

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Crabby Rangoon said...

You and I are internet kindred spirits. I love "stuff on my cat"!