Tuesday, October 30, 2007

two more additions to the "to make" list

I was just looking at the Craft Magazine blog, and these two items caught my eye.

Pencil Scarf (Link) This would be super easy to make... and so cute!

Crochet candy corn pet sweater (Link) I don't think I have time to make one for Templeton this Halloween, but maybe next year, or maybe with a different color scheme for Christmas.
And the "to make" list continues to get longer...


Myun Hwa said...

The pencil scarf is soooo cute! Thanks for the idea - I don't know how to knit but this certainly inspires me to!

sal said...

haha i'm glad you inspired myun hwa.. i was just going to say MAKE ME ONE!!! i don't think i can add knitting to my list of crafty things to learn ;) i'd be the coolest teacher ever though! especially during SATS when the kids actually use no.2 pencils.
and templeton would look adorable in a candy corn outfit!!! i miss candy corn...SUGAR!!