Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sal and I went to visit Robyn and Eliott in the hospital last week, and then went over to see the whole family during Chinese New Year. Here are some photos!

Robyn looking lovely, even in her hospital gown. I love Eliott's cheeks in this one...

Eliott and Auntie Salome.

Various poses.

And a few days later at the Steuernagel residence...

Sal playing with big brother Owen.

A blurry shot of E and me... and yes, contrary to the way this photo looks, I do know how to hold a baby.

The Steuernagel family of four!

One last shot of Robyn and Eliott -- he's such a doll in this picture!

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sal said...

that last pic is so cute!!!