Sunday, February 24, 2008

movies movies

I saw three movies this weekend (in a very liberal sense of the word... I think only college fraternities consider Thursday as part of the weekend).

Thursday: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Friday: Juno. Sunday: No Country for Old Men.

All very different movies, and all very good. I didn't feel like I "got" everything in No Country, but it's probably nothing a little research on IMDB won't clear up. I'm a long-time Coen brothers' fan, and this movie definitely doesn't disappoint. It's a bit gorier than I was expecting though. So much so that I found myself shielding my eyes in bloody anticipation on more than one occasion.

Now it's just There Will Be Blood left on my short list of movies to see.

Here we are enjoying some mango desserts after Juno. Note Simon's heart-shaped dish. And my mango drink cozy.

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