Monday, May 05, 2008

jon allen

Sometimes I wonder what I did before the internet... really. How did I find anything out, or answer any of the silly little questions that seem to plague me? I'm pondering this because I just had one of those internet zen moments. Here's what happened: I saw (or heard, rather) an intriguing song playing on a Land Rover commercial. And after just a minute or two of googling, I knew that the song was "Going Home" by the up-and-coming British singer, Jon Allen (click his name to get to his site, where you can download "Going Home" for free). And here's the song compliments of Youtube... for some reason I'm not able to embed the video.

1 comment:

Mike & Helen said...

Nice song, nice ad. I like!

Did you see the other Land Rover ad with 4 guys playing urban golf? we could try that in HK one Sunday afternoon...