Saturday, May 03, 2008

crafting day part 1: prints!

I love long weekends. Especially when I manage to use the time well. This one has been great so far. I went to Crossroads on Friday (which we had off because of the May 1st Chinese Labor Day), and got to spend the day with the good people at "incoming," packing and moving boxes of donated goods. It was a good work-out, and as always -- good fun!

Today -- day 2 of aforementioned long weekend -- has been set aside by Salome and myself for crafting. I got up bright and early (I'm finding it hard to sleep in lately -- what's wrong with me?!) and started with some printing.

I just got some new water-based block-printing ink the other day, and wow, I love it! I was using an oil-based one before, and that was a pain. Everything had to be washed in turpentine... yuck.

Here are just some of the prints I did (I got carried away when squeezing out the ink, and couldn't stop until I'd used it all up). Once I'd finished up my special white paper, I printed on any and all blank cards I could find, and then finally moved on to newspaper. I think the newspaper is actually my favorite... and I'm planning to use it more in the future. I got the inspiration from some cool stationery that I bought at Ikea some time back, so can't take the credit for the idea.

And then I experimented with some fabric paint that I bought recently... this direction excites me greatly.

Templeton displayed some very undesirable behavior while all of this was going on. He decided to walk across all items put on the floor for photographing. And when I'd push him off, he'd just come right back. I'm beginning to regret spoiling him rotten...
Now I'm off to Sal's house for some sewing.

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