Wednesday, October 01, 2008

...and i'm back!

It's been a while since I blogged. The main reason for that is that I moved to a new apartment and spent about a month and a half without internet at home. In fact, my roommate, Rebekah, and I just got it installed a couple days ago. We could've gotten it earlier, but dragged our feet in the name of finding the cheapest provider. In the end we went with the HK telephone/internet version of McDonalds -- PCCW -- a decision that will probably induce some self-loathing very soon. I was already less than thrilled with their service when the installation date kept getting pushed back. And that was before the Monday midnight phonecall I got from my sales rep, Jeff, reminding me that I would be charged for extra services if I didn't call and cancel them over the phone.

It's nice to be online again, but I have to say that going without internet at home for so long made me realize something: I was spending WAY TOO MUCH time on-line. After the initial settling in (which I should add, is still going on), I was floored by the great amount of free time that I seemed to have. Time to read, write letters, hang out with friends, play sports, go to sleep early. And I am sure that most, if not all, of this newly-found time was previously spent on FaceBook and Google Reader. We're talking hours wasted each week. It's a scary thought. Hopefully I have learned my lesson. Not to slam the internets, or say that I won't be using them at all. I still plan to blog and email, to use Skype, and even to be on FB from time to time. But there will be no more long sessions of Scramble and WordTwist, and definitely no more aimless clicking through FB.

So there you go. I've turned over the proverbial new leaf. Feel free to call me on it if you ever see me on FB for hours at a time. Tell me to read a book or go running. I will appreciate it, I promise.

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Daniel Bowring said...

Congratulations and all, but I hope you keep blogging. I like getting updates from Michelle!