Saturday, December 27, 2008

holiday home

I realized recently that I never posted photos of my apartment. Here are a few of the living/dining room/kitchen area decorated for the holidays. It took my roommate and I a while to acquire furniture and get things up on the walls, but I'm happy to say that it now feels quite homey.
Notice the thoughtfully-placed television. We bought the TV second-hand before we got the second-hand Ikea wall unit, and quickly found that the nice old television was too deep to fit in the unit. So it's placed off to the side, which I must admit has started to grow on me.
The couch and radiator, which I have found myself using occasionally.
Here's the dining area and a peek of the kitchen.

I'll post some photos of my room soon, including my precious sewing table. Right now there is fabric strewn all over the floor, so it cannot be photographed.


Anonymous said...

Love your apt. - perfect for reading with a cup of coffee (dressed in one of your cozies, of course).


jon said...

Your apartment looks great!! Very nice.