Sunday, December 28, 2008

i *heart* hk cozy

This one's for my brother. His birthday is coming up in January (I cannot even begin to understand how he's almost 22...), but he's heading back to California and school tomorrow. He had a short trip back this time -- less than two weeks -- and we're having to celebrate his birthday early. Not sure how much he'll be coming back this way in the future, so I wanted to make him something to help him remember his roots. :)

Like all the cozies, it's reversible, and the other side is made of the same grey star fabric that the letters are made of. It's very masculine, and available for those days when he doesn't feel like walking around with a big pink heart on his coffee cup.


sal said...

nice! the snaps are cool! so we gotta have a photoshoot soon and do up the site!

Mike & Helen said...

I love it:)

Your an inspiration for us all.