Wednesday, April 29, 2009

plant friends

One day I'd love to have a garden. A real garden. With soil to dig in. And included in said garden would be a decent-sized herb garden. I love fresh herbs, but am always reluctant to pay supermarket prices for them.
Until the real, get-my-hands-dirty-in-the-soil garden materializes, I'm determined to be happy with a potted indoor one. I just started the herb section of my indoor garden the other day (well, not counting the rosemary that I tried to grow that died almost immediately). I picked up some basil and mint the other day at the Mong Kok flower market. I'm hoping that the basil will really take off so that I can start harvesting some leaves. Basil seems to grow well in HK, as seen by the basil bush that my parents had growing in their yard a year or two ago. Hopefully being inside will not hinder my new Mr. Basil.
Basil. Grow like crazy, please.
Mint. I realized recently that I love the way a little mint tastes in a smoothie. Really. You should try it if you haven't. And then of course there are other favorites -- yogurt mint sauce... my mouth is watering.
And I don't think any part of this plant is edible, but I couldn't resist buying it. It looked so intriguing, just barely starting to bloom... I just had to see how the blooming would progress. If you know what this flower is and how I should care for it (i.e. will I need to regridgerate the bulb at some point?), please do share your tips.

I feel a little silly saying this, but these plants have made me so happy in the past couple of days. Even this morning, they looked so friendly and cheerful that I was tempted to call in sick and stay home with them. Yes, you heard me right... stay home with plants. Staying home with a human loved-one? Acceptable. Staying home with a pet? Well, if it's a creature as adorable as Templeton, people would probably at least understand. But a plant? I think I might have gone off the deep end...


The Queen said...

I totally understand the joy than plants can bring--I loved the few plants I had in Mongolia!

The mystery plant looks like a type of hyacinth to me. I've never taken care of one, myself, but there are plenty of websites that can tell you how.

Bec said...

I know what you mean. I spend way too much time strolling around my yard spending "quality time" with my plants. My herb garden is being really reluctant this year -- I tried to grow everything from seed this time, which could have been a bad idea -- but my basil is just starting to look like its supposed to. And my cilantro is almost ready to use!

Bird said...

The mystery plant is a grape hyacinth, but as to how to care for it, I only know outdoor planting, in Minnesota. They bloom for a long time, like 2-4 weeks I'd say. Plants do make a person happy! I agree with you whole-heartedly. (I was intrigued by Amy's post about your creativeness and had to check out your ideas!).