Sunday, September 23, 2007

basil and mozzarella

I got home from hiking with an unexplainable craving for cheese. With a nice block of mozzarella in the fridge and some tomatoes on hand, I decided to make this salad. It's a lot like an Insalata Caprese, just arranged a little differently.

Ingredients: 1 tomato, mozzarella (amount may vary depending on how much you like cheese), fresh basil, drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I share this simple salad recipe mainly as an excuse to show off our basil plant. It has really flourished since being repotted and moved outside. It started out as a tiny little thing that I purchased from the herb section of City'Super, and now it's practically a basil bush!


Anonymous said...

Funny...b/c Caprese salad has been my staple for the last two, three weeks. Just now I'm getting sick of it. :)


Anonymous said...

Your Basil bush, by the way, is AMAZING. I have about a couple dozen herbs growing in the front yard, planted by a former student and parent (it was part of their gift to me...they're so good to me), but they are definitely not as successful as yours!