Saturday, September 29, 2007

maclehose stages 1 & 2

We did another training hike today -- the longest I've ever done -- 33 km! It was a nice, clear day, which meant that Sai Kung was a beauty to behold! But the blue, cloud-free skies also meant that it was hotter than usual for this time of the year -- about 32 C! We originally planned to try Stages 1, 2, & 3, but because of the heat, thought twice about doing the infamously difficult Stage 3.

I was really glad to get out to Sai Kung again. It had been over a year since I'd been hiking out there (link).

I took some shots of nearby islands while waiting for bus #2 that took us to Pak Tam Chung.
Stage 1
High Island Reservoir

Long Ke beach
Stage 2
Tai Long Wan and Sharp's Peak in the distance.

I like the graphic design of this sign.

This was one of the small villages we passed.

The villages are a good place to buy water, and maybe get a bite to eat.

Here's a Nepalese team that blazed past us on Stage 2. The Trailwalker was originally designed to train Nepalese soldiers (Gurkhas) stationed in HK. The Gurkhas hold the Trailwalker record, which I think is somewhere around 12 hours for the whole 100 km (!?!), and a Nepalese first place is always pretty much a given.

Another view of Tai Long Wan. The tall pointy peak is called Sharp's Peak, and every time I see it, I thank God that it's not part of the MacLehose.

After reaching another small village, we decided to backtrack, thus avoiding some steeper climbs, but still getting in some distance.

Here's my dad near the end of the hike, in true form -- posing with a ridiculous sign. Not only is the wording funny, the sign is also positioned in such a way that no passing cars (drivers being the intended readers) would ever see it.


sal said...

what a beautiful day out in sai kung!!! no encounters with grass this trek eh? that beach looks very familiar.....

Becky said...

I've only made it to Long Ke - we went camping there when the kids were younger. Maybe next time we'll hoof it farther to Tai Long Wan...