Wednesday, September 26, 2007

pat sin leng -- eight fairies

We had a public holiday today (happy lantern festival everyone!), and surprise surprise -- I went hiking. You may be curious why I've been doing so much hiking recently. Well, besides really enjoying getting out into HK's natural beauty, I'm also hoping to do the Oxfam Trailwalker in November, and for that reason am doing as much training as possible.

For today's hike, my dad and I decided to take a break from the Maclehose, and headed over to Tai Po to hike up Pat Sin Leng (a series of eight peaks literally translated "Eight Fairies").

Each of the fairies has it's own name and plaque at the top.

And here are some pretty flowers along the way (as close-up as my camera's focusing abilities allowed...)

I have more photos from the hike (and an interesting story too!) and will post them soon. (OK, the order of my posts got a little mixed up, so the photos are actually in the post below).

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