Monday, September 24, 2007

liver birdthday

I had the pleasure of attending Kaiser's 28th birthday-Liverpool party Saturday evening (after hiking, tutoring and belt-making -- to put this in the context of my other recent posts...). Sal came over in the afternoon to bake the cake and make some frosting(as HK seems to be completely out of Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting!! Unthinkable!). But not to fear, we found a trusty Betty Crocker butter cream recipe and whipped it up quickly. I made the mistake of questioning Betty's recipe -- wondering if it would be enough to ice a 9X13 cake. We decided to double the recipe, and then after further beating, ended up with a ridiculous excess of frosting.

Yeah, that's a lot of icing. Eat up, Sal! (She did a wonderful job with Kai's Liverpool cake, by the way. For photos of the whole cake-decorating process, check out her post here.)
Here's Kai enjoying the party. Check out the cake! I love the attention to detail -- the freshly mown field, not to mention the incredible liver bird kicking a football. Great job, Sal! Ever consider a career in cake decorating?

Here's Helen holding a selection of the yummy jello cups that Sal has become so famous for.

And here's the game of Cranium that I did not stay long enough to play.

It was a very memorable night -- thanks Sal and Kai!

So Sal, are plans for next year's cake on the drafting board yet? :)

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