Thursday, September 13, 2007

super saturday

Here are some highlights from last Saturday.

Part I: Visit to the new school building (where we'll move next month!)

One of the [two?] gyms.

Sal inside the auditorium.

Another view of the auditorium.

Sal in her future classroom.
My "office." It connects to a small classroom of similar size.

I'm so excited to have windows! Yay for natural light!!
Part 2: Bowling at Belair

Sal and Kai (nice form there!)

Caroline and Salome.

Our group gathered around fellow teacher, Lori, who sprained her ankle in the first frame (and still managed a strike!)! Poor thing! But can't feel too sorry for her -- she ended up winning both games by having other people bowl for her!
Part 3: High and Dry -- Wet Market art exhibit

The Conservancy Association Centre of Heritage is housed in a beautiful old colonial building that used to be nurses' quarters at HK's first maternity hospital.

Fish-monger Kai.
Butcher John.

Scary cockroach painting.

A view of the old maternity hospital.
The sweet stairway.


sal said...

awesome!!! glad you got that all documented. my classroom looks deceivingly big from that angle ;) and by form... you were referring to my larry the cucumber pose yeah?

Jonah Zane Herzog said...

I didn't know you were working at ICS now! It's so fun to see old friends. We miss everyone!