Saturday, September 08, 2007

lion rock

Last Saturday I went hiking with Sal, Kai, and John. We were originally going to go see some waterfalls, but that hike got canceled. It all worked out for the best though. Because of the relatively pollution-free skies, it turned out to be a perfect opportunity to go up Lion Rock!

I didn't take many photos -- I did quite an extensive Lion Rock post in April -- but here are the few I did get.

Sal and Kai with Kowloon and HK island stretching out behind them.

Kai photographing the city below. When are you going to post your pictures? Oh, and there's the raincloud that sprinkled us on our way up and made our journey down quite slick and treacherous.
Here's Sal and I at the top. Sal looks lovely as always. I look quite ridiculous. Who knew it was possible to squint that much?!

We saw a lot of these cute little plants along the trail. To see more foliage from the trail, check out this previous post.

We hiked down to Tai Wai and had lunch at a Thai restaurant (unfortunately, no photos). Yum. I think I'd like to end more hikes in that way.

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