Friday, September 21, 2007

super-sized knitting

When I found this on the Craft blog, I could not believe mine eyes.

Check out the size of those needles!
The final product -- a cable-knit rug!Link.

I think I'll just stick to [average human-sized] scarves for now...


Becky said...

I found your blog through Salome's... Wow! Those certainly are long - I showed my daughter and she also says she'll stick to her regular needles - but she is trying different diameters with varying thicknesses of yarn for variety. I haven't taken the time to try for fear I'll start something and never finish - the story of my life :)

michelle said...

i hear you on that one -- i've had more than my share of unfinished projects. i guess that's why i now stick to simple things that i know are finish-able. you should try your hand at knitting a scarf, or if that sounds too daring, maybe a pot-holder? :)