Monday, January 21, 2008

crocheting in circles

I gave myself a little experiment time with some new yarn and a crochet hook, and discovered that I can crochet in circles (or more accurately, spirals)! I'd always known it was possible, and had considered looking for a tutorial online a couple times... but it's always nice to figure something out on your own, even if it takes some time and requires a lot of learning from mistakes.

Here's my little circle.

As soon as I realized how easy it was to crochet circles, a whole slew of make-able round items came to mind. Hats, table cloths, tea cozies, hats... coffee cup cozies!!

Here's my coffee-cup-cozy-in-progress, which also works well as a Templeton-sized fez. I'll post a picture of the final product when it's done.


sal said...

colour looks good on him!! will you be bringing your completed project to school tom?

michelle said...

seeing as i fell asleep before getting very far with it tonight, no, there will be no completed products appearing tomorrow. but, i will probably bring the unfinished product with me to work on on the train (and in our staff meeting...?) :)