Saturday, January 26, 2008

brazilian bbq birthday bash

The sign outside the Brazilian BBQ restaurant (which essentially consists of a buffet + meandering waiters offering large chunks of meat for patron consumption).
Anish (the birthday boy) and Kaiser with their miniature bowls of ice-cream.
A group shot by the restaurant ad. This was my idea, but my plans to have the giant slabs of meat as the photo centerpiece were foiled.
Then it was off to karaoke.
Anish and Kaiser singing their hearts out (probably some Backstreet Boys song), as Sal and I pose for the camera.

I don't think I've blogged much about karaoke before, though I do have an album devoted to it on Facebook, so I guess my feelings about the pastime are no secret. I like it a lot.

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Morganne Jones said...

is that brazilian place off nathan road, on one of those back streets? if it is, I ate there once with curtis & co. ages ago and friggin' loved it. haven't been back since, for some ridiculous reason.