Friday, April 18, 2008

international cat hats

I just got this undeniable urge to blog, but because of my exhausted state, had to spend a minute or two just trying to remember what I'd come across today that seemed so blog-worthy. And then it hit me. This morning I read about a craft blogger who is knitting international cat hats. International. Cat. Hats. At the moment, she has patterns for a Thai headdress and a French beret posted, but it seems like more are in the works. There's no question that Templeton would look fetching in this beret, but it's also equally certain that I would have a difficult, nay-I-say impossible time trying to follow this pattern. The hat looks pretty complicated, and I have little knitting-pattern experience. But maybe it would be a good learning experience. And maybe if I worked really hard, I could have a little tricolour hat finished up just in time for Bastille Day.

Oh, the blog is Spindles and Spice. And if you want to see something really interesting, check out her tutorial on how to spin dog hair into yarn. (I know, I think it's kind of gross too... but then as soon as I think about how gross it is, I have a little argument with myself in my head that goes something like this: "well, we make yarn out of sheep and rabbit fur, why not dog fur... and cat fur? the yarn can be washed before it's used so it won't smell like a dog"... "but it's still gross. some fibers should just not be spun into yarn"). Have I mentioned that I'm tired and really should go to bed?

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