Tuesday, April 01, 2008

problems and solutions

Problem #1: I accidentally leave the book I'm reading on the plane after disembarking in Delhi (and at a very pivotal part of the story, too!).

Solution: I buy a new copy in India, which turns out to be a great place to buy books. Bookshops have excellent selection, and sell books at a considerable discount off the cover price. This one was about 40% less than what I would have paid in Hong Kong.

Problem #2: The lens cap on my new camera (that, amusingly enough, I'd been worried about losing) is knocked off and follows a trajectory directly into a train squatty potty. It's now somewhere on the tracks between Haridwar and Delhi. *

Solution: Knowing my affection for all things crocheted, Susie jokingly suggests that I crochet a new lens cover. Little does she know that I already have one ready! I'd brought my yarn and hook with me, and had made another coffee cozy, which I now realize can easily double as a lens protector of sorts.

*(Why did I have my camera with me in the train bathroom, you might ask? Excellent question. There were few moments on the trip when I wasn't the stereotypical camera-clad tourist. Even when I was sleeping, my camera was never far away. See, I was determined not to miss anything, and wanted to make sure I was prepared for any and all interesting photo opportunities. Yes, even train bathroom photo opportunities (actually, in my defense, I was thinking about opening the [moving] train door and taking some photos -- something I'd done on our previous train ride -- on my way back from the bathroom). Needless to say, I've learned my lesson, and in future, will be happy to sacrifice one or two obscure photographs for the well-being of my camera)

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sal said...

i think you're on to something with the new and improved lens cover!