Monday, April 28, 2008

more weekend fun

I got a chance to visit the Steuernagels this weekend and had a lovely time.

Here's a photo of Owen, Robyn and Eliott (I think Jeff was busy flipping blueberry pancakes when I took this one). Eliott sure has grown since I saw him last!!
A couple funny things about this picture:

1. It's a little fuzzy because -- as I found out while taking it-- my camera is now permanently on the macro setting! I can't change it. Trust me on this one. Oh, and I'm talking about my old camera, not the new baby (which explains why I'm not in hysterics at this moment... oh wait, it would be under warranty anyway... excuse the inner monologue).

2. Owen is very interested in cameras at the moment (as you can see), and mine was no exception. I showed him how to view pictures on my camera, and after that he loved pressing the button and looking at this picture of himself holding his parents' camera. Too bad their camera doesn't show a picture of him holding another camera, and so on. That would be trippy.

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