Monday, March 31, 2008

incredible india

I'm back in HK after a phenomenal week in India! My mom and I stayed with my friend Susie, who's been living in Delhi for about a year and a half. We spent most of our time in Delhi, but also took a trip with Susie and a group of college students (who she was showing around -- part of her job) up north to Haridwar and Mussoorie, and then did a day trip on our own to Agra. I'm quite sure I'll be blogging about India for a while, once I'm unpacked and the laundry is done -- it was really an incredible experience, and I'm already thinking about going back -- but for now I'll just share some photo highlights of our trip. Here are two albums I posted on Facebook (so if you've already seen them there, feel free to forgo a second viewing). Apparently, they can be viewed by anyone, including non-Facebook users, via the links below.

Trip highlights (it was hard to choose which of my 700+ photos should be in this 60-photo album, but I did my best...)

Islamic art (I love the simple yet intricate geometric patterns found in the Islamic decorative arts. I ended up taking a good number of photos of these designs whenever we were at a mosque or a tomb. India was part of the Mughal empire from 1526 to 1828 (when the British came in and took over), so there are many beautiful examples of Islamic architecture and craftsmanship, especially in northern India.)

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Ji said...

I must've stared at the second picture for about 4 mins earlier today. Love it.

You're making it quite tempting for me to forget about the Europe trip this summer and head to India instead! :)