Sunday, March 16, 2008

birthday bowlout

We had the traditional bowling birthday bash for Sal yesterday -- and as always, it was great fun! Here are a few pics:

Female coworkers and friends! Let's go with bowling names here: Mrslo, Sallups, Jen (with one "n," not two...), M Strike, and Strikoline (though, in retrospect, I wish I'd spelled her name "Strike-o-line").
K jai, Grandpa, and Bubba waiting their turns.
Here I am pretending to help Alison with her child-sized velcro shoes. Yes, I'm kind of a jerk. I just have a hard time feeling sympathy for people with small feet, since I personally have the opposite "problem" -- which, funnily enough, was pointed out to me later in the evening by someone in our party. Let it be known that I have big feet.
After the bowling was over and we'd had a nice meal (which included one of my faves -- Peking duck!!), we headed back to the Tam-Lee household to enjoy some Wii and some boardgames.

Here's Helen experiencing Peeps for the first time. (Guess they haven't found their way to Australia yet).(The Peep is decapitated in that last picture -- in case you couldn't tell from the coloring and/or Helen's sad expression)

Wii entertainment.
Another shot of Helen. This time she's watching scary bunnies being pummeled by plungers.

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