Thursday, March 13, 2008


Here are my most recent yarn-related projects, modeled by the lovely friends they were made for.

April enjoys a latte in a freezing cold Pacific Coffee (it may not be scarf weather outside anymore, but thanks to over-zealous air-conditioning in most shops and restaurants, these scarves might still come in handy...)
And Sal models her pencil scarf, next to the kid who was the original inspiration. I did a combination of knit and crochet on this one, which was a first for me. This scarf got me thinking about other long, linear objects that could be scarf inspiration. I have some ideas, but they're top secret right now... :)

I've been knitting and crocheting so much these past few weeks -- on the bus, train, and any available minute -- that now that I'm finished with these, I'm sort of at a loss. I took my first crochet-free train ride today, and really felt the absence of the hook and yarn. I'll probably start another project soon, but for now might try to get back into reading. I started reading The Kite Runner a couple weeks ago, and though I'm still near the beginning, am pretty sure I will soon reach that critical stage where I can't put the book down.


sal said...

your eraser and metal attachment parts are much better than the little kiddo's. i think i sharpened my pencil too much ;) i'm hoping for winter weather tomorrow so i can wear my scarf to school!

michelle said...

yes, that's my one regret -- that i didn't make it longer and skinnier. your pencil has definitely seen some use... it might even have a few teeth marks!