Sunday, March 16, 2008

peanut butter kiss cookies

I had a long nap this afternoon, and then this evening suddenly had this unstoppable urge to bake. Peanut butter cookies are a stand-by for me, but tonight I decided they needed some complementary chocolate. So I ran to the store for some Hershey kisses, and voila. I made a double batch which turned out to be no less than 7 dozen cookies. That's right, folks -- 84!

Which also meant 85 kisses that were unwrapped and squished on (though one of them was lost to the floor).
Amazingly, I was not tempted to eat any of the dough, kisses, or even a freshly-baked cookie. I did eventually eat one, but only because it was broken and by that time I had decided that it was really my duty to test them out and see if they tasted OK. But seriously, I think I would usually gorge myself on cookies -- which is why I don't make them more often! -- so something must be wrong with me. Maybe I'm coming down with the dreaded influenza.

1 comment:

sal said...

as long as you're still well enough to bring some cookies to school! hehehe