Friday, March 21, 2008

simply life

My mom and I will be leaving for the airport in a few hours, and then it's off to New Delhi! It's just starting to sink in that we're actually going to India, and we're both starting to get a little giddy with excitement.

In an effort to free up as much space on my camera(s) as possible, I'm putting a couple photos up -- both of food eaten at a relatively new restaurant in Festival Walk called Simply Life. A friend at school recommended the place to me, and boy is it good! They use high-quality, organic (I think) ingredients. I'm not much of a foodie, but even I can taste the difference! And the beauty of it is that Simply Life took over a spot where a McDonalds used to be. Anyway, it's so good that I've managed to go there twice in the past week... this could be dangerous!

Here's a delectable salad at last week's dinner. Prosciutto, rocket, tomato, mozzarella, and grilled eggplant. I'm not usually much of a salad person, but this was heavenly.
And eggs Florentine for brunch this morning. Yum.

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Lauren & Gregory said...

Love these pics, Michelle! I'm on my way to see the photo album from your recent trip. For some reason we can get to Blogger these days. How delightful!