Monday, May 22, 2006

my mother and her grandchildren

I hope to post some photos of my recent school trip to Beijing soon... but before I do that:
In honor of Mother's Day (a little belated, I know), here are a few photos of my mom and her grandchildren.
First, here she is with her beloved grandcat, MT. You might be wondering why I put this picture first... no reason really, except for the potential shock value. And though I love MT as if he were my own child, he's technically my brother's (in case you were wondering how he holds the title of "grandcat"). And here are some pictures courtesy of Amy and Aaron's website (
My mom with Olivia and Anna.

Gabe and Olivia checking out their new sister.

Olivia and Anna. As you can imagine, she's ecstatic to have a little sister.
Gabe holding Anna.

The three Sonnichsen children. I love my nieces and nephew!

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