Monday, May 08, 2006

time to post a photo... or two

Well, since the whole reason I switched from Xanga was to be able to post pictures often and easily, I guess it's high time I started! If anyone read my cockroach story from yesterday (which is highly unlikely, since the existence of this site is still a huge secret) you'll understand why I'm posting this picture. Lil' M, besides being a wonderful cat, is always a huge support to me whenever a roach or any other unwanted insect is found. BTW, after being sprayed with Raid a number of times, the cockroach ran under the door to my parents room, where my dad was sleeping. I didn't want to wake him, so I just left him a note in the living room explaining what had happened. I knew that he wouldn't be phased by finding a dead cockroach in the morning. The man has actually been known to kill roaches with his bare hands. Yuck. So anyway, Lil' M, even if the Raid ended up doing your job, I salute you for being such a great cat!

This was taken a month or so ago. WHat a funny pose, eh? Right when I was waiting to post it, I caught him in another interesting pose. Check it out:

And yes, that is my shoe that his face is resting inside. Funny cat.

On a less mundane topic, I HAVE A NEW NIECE! Congratulations, Amy and Aaron! Anna Irene Sonnichsen was born this evening, weighing 6 lbs 8 ounces. If I had a picture of her, it would be on here for sure, but I do not yet have one in my posession. Hopefully I'll be able to show her off to everyone (?) soon. Right now my mom is in Beijing looking after Olivia and Gabe (my other niece and nephew respectively). I'm assuming the three of them will head over to the hospital tomorrow to check out their new grand daughter/sister. I'll be going to Beijing myself in a week, but unfortunately will not be able to visit family members, no matter how new. The Sonnichsens should all be back in Tianjin by that time, which is only a couple hours away, but I'll be in Beijing on official teacher business. I'll be seeing the sights and sitting in Mandarin classes with a group of students from my school, and I've been told that there will be no chance for me to escape. But thankfully I won't have to wait too much longer... the family of 5 (wow!) will be heading through HK next month on their way to the States.
Happy Birthday, Anna!

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