Saturday, May 27, 2006

new kitten

Here's my latest kitten. He has no official name yet, so I've been calling him generic kitten names like "Baby Cute Kitten Thing." I found him a couple of days ago while I was on a walk. I actually found him with his mother -- a wild stray cat -- who looked really sick. Her eyes looked so bad that I think she was virtually blind. I decided it was in the kitten's best interst not to grow up a stray, and since his mother looked so sick, I wondered if she would be around much longer to look after him. I guess I say all of this to justify the fact that I took a kitten from its mother -- something I wouldn't usually do. Anyway, when I approached the two cats, the mother quickly ran away, leaving the kitten there alone. He looked up at me and hissed at me. Since he was so small, the hissing didn't do much to deter me. In fact, it gave me my first view of his face, which is so incredibly cute! I grabbed him up immediately. I think he must be part persian, because his fur is very long, and he has enormous eyes. I don't think it will be very difficult to find a home for this cat. But since he's still so small (we bottle-fed him the first day -- yes, we actually had kitten formula and kitten-sized bottles on hand for such an occasion), I think I'll keep him for another couple weeks at least.

And thanks to Salome for being such an excellent hand model!

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sal said...

templeton! i have not seen you in so long. i hope you are still as tiny and cute as i remember. overated.