Tuesday, December 26, 2006

o christmas tree II

Happy Boxing Day everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday!

I passed by the New Town Plaza Christmas display today, and as it probably won't be standing for too much longer, decided that I had to document the existence of the tackiest Christmas tree imagineable. Apparently they were going for a camera theme this year (note the cameras around the top of tree, and the large camera at the base of the tree), with a few Lego-style bear accents.
I went to New Town Plaza to meet up with Myun Hwa, and our highschool science teacher, Mrs. Kraus. She and her family are living in the UAE right now, and are visiting HK for a little over a week. It was really fun to see her, and at the end we got to meet the whole family. Her daughters are so cute!

My sister and her family are arriving in a few hours, so stay tuned for more cute!


jon said...

You got to see the Krauses!!!!!!! That's amazing! How are they?!?

Anonymous said...

hey michelle!

hope you got back to hong kong safely. how was oklahoma? anyways i've been having a blast here in LA. had a birthday bash on the 12th and i have pictures on my blog incase you want to see. i also got a notification about the package you sent me, but unfortunately i won't be able to pick it up till tomorrow because it's a public holiday today. anyways hope you're doing well. love you.


Ji said...

I need my mrpard blog fix! :)

ji said...

I'm so glad you don't have one of those stalker trackers...because I obsessively, addictively check your blog for updates! It embarrassing. :)

No pressure to update.

Again, thanks for the bag. I sport it EVERYWHERE. I've abandoned all others.

Mike & Helen said...

First post of 2007? We're eagerly waiting for pictures from the ice-storm (you dodging icicles, getting around on skates...)