Friday, December 15, 2006

templeton gets tutored

Not sure if this news is really blog-worthy, but I'll go ahead with it anyway. My little Templeton is growing up, and yesterday went to the vet for a certain operation. I won't go into details, or into the ethics of neutering such a beautiful animal (something my parents and I discussed at great length...), but feel that I should apologize to any female cats out there who were hoping for a chance to bear his kittens.

Templeton was almost too agreeable when I put him in the cat carrier for his vet visit, and the whole thing reminded me of this Far Side cartoon:
When he came home, instead of running out of the cat carrier and treating it with fear and disdain (as our other cats do after returning from a visit to the vet), we were surprised to see him back inside the carrier in no time.

And he seems to have changed the other cats' feelings about the carrier too. I think he's made it the trendy new sleeping spot. Yesterday, after he finally exited, two of our other cats took turns sleeping inside, which is really a very bizarre occurence. And after I took the picture below, the black and white cat, Handsome, actually swatted at Templeton with his claws, in what I can only imagine was an attempt to get a turn in the carrier.

One more shot of Templeton in his new favorite hang-out. He seems to be doing well, by the way.


Chris Baker said...

You can always freeze his DNA, in case you change your mind about the whole lineage thing. Just a suggestion.

michelle said...

yes, the cloning scenario is under consideration... :)