Friday, December 08, 2006

science with four-year-olds

In a previous post I mentioned that I teach a science class to 14 four-year-olds. Well, here they are in all their glory! This was right before they went home yesterday, and as you can probably tell from the photos, most of them were pretty wound-up. I should also point out something that I noticed just now -- check out the sign prominently displayed on the bulletin board behind the students. Is that a camera very obviously x-ed out? Oops!

The class with our wonderful TA, Miss Kit.

Making funny faces. I like the scary eye thing that quite a few of them are attempting... excellent choice, kids!

And a very distracted class with Miss Michelle.
Next week is my last lesson with them and, although they're a real handful, I'm going to miss the little cuties!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the mini lab coats!! i wonder where mine went from my lab days?!?

michelle said...

please feel free to borrow mine whenever you feel the need to relive those lab days... :)