Monday, December 18, 2006

the return of li'l brudder

[that was a reference to a classic Strongbad email for those readers unfamiliar with]

So my little brother, Steve, is back from college. His plane was scheduled to arrive a little after 11 last night, but he surprised us by walking through the door at 8:00. For some reason, he was moved from an Asiana flight complete with Seoul layover, to a Cathay direct flight. How often does that happen?!

The first thing he did upon arriving home was to head straight back out the door to our local Taiwai bbq restaurant, where he successfully satisfied a 3+ month chasiu fan craving.

After being rejuvenated by barbequed pork sustenance, he entertained my mom and I with a few videos that some of his college friends produced over the last semester. I thought they were funny, so I'll put the links here. They're four episodes of a short program called "The Misadventures of Stephen P******," and not surprisingly, Steve is the main character. Just for some background, the first episode opens with a guy in an elevator. The guy is the host of a college variety show called "Late" that Steve has appeared in before. In an early episode of "Late," the host promised Steve that he'd help to make him famous...

Episode One: The Great 'Dini'ty
Episode Two: Shorty in the Hood
Episode Three: Rollover DJ
Episode Four: Behind the Music

If you don't have time to watch all four (they're about 5 mins each), I think Episode 1 is my favorite... but Episode 3 gives you the opportunity to see Steve in a wife-beater and rapping an entire music video.


Anonymous said...

that was hilarious!!! my little break turned into watching all 4 episodes! think he'll rap his #1 hit at the wedding?

michelle said...

i'm sure we could talk him into it. and it would fit really well with all the other wedding stuff... :)