Wednesday, July 05, 2006

chocolate chip cookie conversion

I was never a big fan of chocolate chip cookies (hereafter refered to as CCC). I know that they hold "favorite cookie" status for a lot of people, but I always seemed to prefer ginger snaps or oatmeal, or even an occasional peanut butter.

Well, things have changed. I had a discussion with Susie the other day about this very topic, and she expressed her opinion that I just hadn't found the Mr. Right of CCC Recipes. I conceded that that was a possible explanation, but still had my doubts.

Well, today I received her CCC recipe over email, and as I was in the mood for some baking this evening, I decided to give it a try. Well, let me just say that I have never consumed so much chocolate chip cookie in my life. I just couldn't stop myself, and ended up eating an ungodly amount of the stuff, in both cooked and uncooked states. Didn't I post something recently about maybe having a problem with self-control? Well, I think that was confirmed tonight... But, to ensure that I don't finish the entire batch on my own, I think I will take the remaining cookies to school tomorrow.


kai said...

CCC's are my favorite of the bunch..

sal said...

coooookieS!!! i love coooooookies. you didn't leave me one? ;) i hope you feel the urge to bake during summer school! hehe