Monday, July 24, 2006

fun in shenzhen, ode to sal and kai, and small portions

Sal and I have made a couple trips up to Shenzhen in the past 2 weeks, mainly for the purpose of getting clothes made. Here are some shots from our wanderings:

This is a sign for the Shenzhen metro. I'm surprised that the MTR hasn't sued them for blatantly copying their logo.

Here's a discovery Sal made while we were in the fabric market. Look! It's everybody's favorite Olympic mascots -- Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini -- immortalized in silk! I think I need to dedicate an entire blog to them, or at least a whole post, because I seem to run into those little guys everywhere!

And here's Salome being measured for her dress. The main reason we went to Shenzhen was to get the bridesmaids' dresses for her wedding made, and though it's obvious that she can't be a bridesmaid in her own wedding, she's getting one of her bridesmaid dresses made for herself to be worn at another wedding. Did I get that right, Sal? :) Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately), I forgot to get any photos of us at our first fitting. The word that comes to mind in reference to how we looked in the dresses is something Sal herself aptly coined... "mushrooms," wasn't it? I'll just say that there was a lot of poofing going on, especially in areas that we didn't want poofed. Thankfully there's plenty of time for the dresses to be perfected before the big day in December.

And speaking of their upcoming wedding, here's a photo of the lovely couple at church in matching pink. And they claim that this wasn't planned?! Anyway, just wanted to do a little shout-out to two of my most faithful readers. You guys are cool. Thanks for never making me feel like a third-wheel even when I am one. :)

On a completely different note, here's a photo from today that I just had to post. Salome, Jo and I had lunch together in Shatin at a restaurant that will remain nameless. We all got set lunches that were surprisingly inexpensive, considering that in addition to a main course, they came with an appetizer (lettuce with mayonaise-covered penne -- yumm!!), soup, coffee/tea, and dessert. But check out the size of the desserts they brought us!

OK, seeing as this is my second post today, I think I'm all posted out for a while...


sal said...

tricycle remember? i've been waiting to see the shenzen photos...not of me getting measured though! ;) i sure do hope the mushroom dresses turn were you just watching the second last episode of grey's on tv? o wait i forgot you don't get normal channels.

kai said...

it wasn't planned! really!