Sunday, July 30, 2006

summer school & the return of the sonnichsens

Here are a couple photos sent to me by my lovely TA and friend, Rany. Thanks!

Here I am singing a song with the green class before they left on our final day (see the big Zs on the board? They went through 20 letters of the alphabet in the 4 weeks of class. Q, X, and Y were among the letters not chosen, but I'm sure they're used to being overlooked by now...).

And with the purple class.Cute little kids -- I'm going to miss them! However, I won't miss waking up at 6:30 to go to school. My summer holiday has officially begun!

In other news, Amy and her clan arrived on Friday, so I'm having fun chillin' with the nieces and nephew. They all have pretty bad jet-lag though, and right now Gabe is the only one still up. So we're presently enjoying some Thomas the Tank Engine video fun. He's really into Thomas stuff, and is pretty much an expert on anything and everything Thomas. Not only does he know all of the characters' names (even the pretty obscure engines like "Murdoch", for example), but he's also been explaining some of the more refined points of locomotion to us, like buffering and what a tender is.
Yesterday, I let Gabe go into my room (which is off limits to the kids without accompaniment and permission), and he asked if he could climb up the ladder to my loft-bed (a favorite past-time for both him and Olivia). On his way up, he started asking me questions. Here's a transcript of our conversation:

Is this your ladder?
Is this your bed?
Is that your pillow?
Is that your blanket?
Is that your light?

The questions continued like this for a little while -- a question about my ownership, followed by an affirmative from me. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I will post some photos of the nieces and nephew soon.

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