Monday, July 10, 2006

killing time and viva italia!

Warning: this post is being written solely for the purpose of killing time. I will be going to Macau later today with Susie, but she realized on her way to meet me that she'd forgotten to bring her passport... which leaves me with an hour to kill. At least I'm in a Pacific Coffee that has a whole network of available computers (yes, that's on the collective noun list for computers...) We're still not sure if she needs her passport, but then the thought of arriving in Macau and being sent back to HK because we can't get through immigration is a pretty good deterrent against just taking our chances. I know that I've gotten into Macau a couple of times before with just my HK ID, but I have a permanent card, and the lady at the Macau ticket desk seemed to think only permanent ID card holders could get in without a passport. We'll see. I definitely think it's best to play it safe on this one.
Well, there's a torrential downpour outside right now, so it should be an interesting trip. I've never seen Macau in the rain, so it will be a new experience. Yes, that was an attempt at positive thinking.

On a completely different subject, I was pleased to find out this morning that Italy are the 2006 FIFA World Cup champions! I caught a couple of World Cup games this time around, but must admit that I'm not much of a football fan. I think my attention span is too short to allow me to concentrate on a whole game, which results in my eyes usually being focused on something else when goals are scored... doh! In spite of all this, I was going to watch the final game (even with the 3 am HK broadcast), which, like the two semifinals was shown on a local channel. But in the end, I wasn't able to find the channel on the Shepherds' TV... lame, I know.
I also have to admit that I wasn't really pulling for any team in particular this year. I might have cheered for Poland had I known they were in the competition, which is something I discovered after they were already out of the running... But thankfully, like the majority of caucasian Americans, I have a variety of European roots to pick and choose from. So as a good Pardini, I'm happy that my team won!


kai said...

congrats to italy! penalty kicks felt a bit anticlimactic. shame Zidane's image will forever be tarnished with "the" headbutt! did you know they showed the final on all four HK tv channels?!

kai said...

and oh yes, looking forward to your macau pictures in the torrential rain!

michelle said...

all four HK channels?! can we say "overkill"? but yeah, disappointed i missed it... headbutt included.
and just to warn anyone who was looking forward to macau-in-the-rain pictures, i didn't get any because it didn't rain. i'll try to post the boring sunny-macau pictures soon.