Sunday, July 16, 2006

syphilis and other surprises

Wow -- I just finished watching the first season of Grey's Anatomy (thanks for the loan, Sal!). I think I had seen 4 or 5 out of the 9 episodes when it was on TV last year, but I missed some pretty pivotal ones like the season finale (and what a finale it was!). Besides filling in missing plot holes, it was really nice to get to see the whole season unfold in a period of two days, as opposed to 9 weeks. The show definitely has some great writers behind it. The characters are well developed, there's plenty of witty banter, and I like the way each episode has a theme that sort of unifies what all the characters are going through, yet somehow avoids being cookie-cutter-ish. Not sure if all that makes sense. I also really like a lot of the music on the show, and just found out that by turning on the DVD sub-titles during a song sequence, I can find out the artist and name of the song. Cool stuff. Guess that means that I'll have to watch the whole season again.

In case anyone is still puzzling over the title of this post, it's in reference to episode 9, which I just finished watching. So no, I don't have syphilis... but if I did, I now know from the show that it can be cured with a simple shot of penicillin.


sal said...

i didn't know about the song title thing. COOL stuff! i will have to try it sometime. on to season 2 now? ;) that's very good too.

michelle said...

I haven't actually tried the subtitle thing, just read about it online when I was trying to find out more about music on the show. Definitely looking forward to season 2. Kai, when are you going to hook me up? :)

kai said...

before season 3 starts -- which, after some quick googling, starts on Sept 21! so you have roughly 2 months to catch up on 20+ episodes... but judging by the torrid pace at which you tore through S1, it's not even going to be a challenge!