Sunday, June 11, 2006

another note from aunt michelle...

I've got a couple more photos to share.

Here are Olivia and Gabe getting ready for bed. I took some pretty-darn-cute videos of them singing today. And sort of tricked them into doing it. I knew that if I asked them to sing for me, Olivia at least would probably have refused. So instead, I told them about a special project that I had for them to do. It was so amusing to see how seriously they took their performances after I refered to it as a "project." Olivia sang "Jesus, name above all names," complete with a series of very intricate hand motions , and Gabe chose "Ba ba black sheep." I'd heard him sing this song before, but was happy to finally have his rendition -- "Ba ba black sheep, have you any woof?" -- recorded for posterity. Maybe I'll get the videos online eventually.

And here are Amy and I with our babies. Hehe.

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