Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"within walking distance"

I mentioned in my last post that the place where I'm house-sitting is within walking distance of my school. Technically that is true. But yesterday I discovered that the 15-minute walk caused me to sweat so profusely that the back of my shirt was completely soaked with sweat by the time I arrived at school to conduct oral exams.

So today I discovered another perk of living within walking distance. The close proximity between home and school means a 3-minute taxi ride costing only a flag fare. Nice.


commenter said...


I wonder if I can even leave messages even though I'm not a "user." Anyway, I heard you and Soo had dinner together! I'm so jealous! Make sure you make your way over here next month. I'm awaiting our reunion. :) Talk soon.

commenter said...

So I just created on just to comment on YOUR site. How awesome am I?


michelle said...

You have a blog now? Cool! What is it? You know, it took me a while to realize who you were (not that you were really trying to keep your identity secret...), but the first post above completely gave you away. Hi Ji! :)