Monday, June 19, 2006

fun with kitten

Most of these pictures speak for themselves. But just in case you're wondering, yes, that is a miniature yak (complete with genuine yak hair) that the kitten is sniffing in a couple of the photos... it's a souvenir that I picked up in Yunnan last summer.

It looks as though the kitten might be here to stay -- I don't think my mom is willing to give him up! In spite of this, he still remains nameless, though we do have a shortlist. Right now it's down to the following:

Spencer, Wolfgang, Rico, Theodore, and Sebastian

Any other suggestions?


jon said...

how about Bucky Katt?

michelle said...

Too bad I didn't get your post a few weeks ago, because Bucky Katt definitely has a ring to it! "Here Bucky Katt! Stop biting me, Bucky Katt!"
It was really irresponsible of me not to update this post to inform readers that the kitten now has a name, which is Templeton.