Sunday, April 15, 2007

bombay dreams

I have a paper to write for tomorrow (!!), but felt the need to post these photos first. I've become such a slave to my blog!!

Anish will be leaving for the UK on Friday, so a few of us got together yesterday for a little farewell bash. We went to a great Indian buffet called Bombay Dreams for lunch.

Here we are.

My first plate from the buffet... wish I could identify all of these curries and sauces, but alas I cannot. But they were all delicious!

Anish and Fredo.
Kai getting full.

Sal and I posing with some left-over naan and chutney.
I have some more photos and videos of Anna and Gabe to post, but will save that for after my work is done...

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Jonah Zane Herzog said...

Indian buffet? Where do I find this place? I'm cravin' curry!